Why the Tasmanian Government upgraded from QTRA to VALID

2021-08-30 10:43 AM | Admin (Administrator)

As some of you are aware, the Tasmanian Government (State Roads) was an earlier adopter of VALID’s approach to tree risk-benefit management and assessment.   They’ve been completing the move to their new VALID Strategy from July with Basic Drive-by Assessments being carried out in high use zones as part of their 5 yearly Active Assessment programme.  They’ll soon be publishing their Strategy and we’ll share it when it goes live.

One piece of work they asked us to do in this project was to write a short briefing note for the General Manager State Roads, Department of State Growth (DSG), making the case for and explaining why they were upgrading their approach from QTRA to VALID.  This is some of the work we were party to with DSG’s tree risk framework review team.

We’ve not shared this before because we thought it was a confidential bit of in-house work.  However, it turns out this is not the case because the DSG is a government agency and the work is in the public domain.  As many of you working at the tree risk coalface might find it of interest, we’re now sharing and you can download it here (this has been upgraded to v7.2, which is linked):

TAS Gov | QTRA to VALID Upgrade Explanation

Tree Risk Management | Tasmanian Government Upgrading from QTRA to VALID

Tree Risk Management | Tasmanian Government Upgrading from QTRA to VALID

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